Gabriele Hume

I once got too far away from my love, selling real estate. I was running two offices and managing staff and I was too involved in the project management side of things.

That's why I started my own Key Real Estate; to get back to the real estate lifestyle and what I enjoy doing. I love helping people find a home that meets their lifestyle.

I love Canberra and the easy lifestyle it affords us. I love the fact we can park at the door and that it's easy to get around. That's pretty important for a real estate agent!

Gay Spooner

I've lived everywhere; Manilla, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Calgary and Houston, Texas. My husband was head hunted to Canberra. What a great city!

When I first got here I played golf five days a week but you can't do that forever. I needed to move back into real estate and just before I did I won a gold medal at the Master Games. I haven't swung a club since.

I don't think you'll find someone as committed to selling property as me. I worked up to three hours before giving birth to my daughter! Real estate is a lifestyle and I love it.

The Best Thing About Real Estate

The best thing about working in real estate is the flexibility. We love being out and about doing one thing like a construction site and then being in a palatial home in Central Canberra and then a run-down place that needs some love.

Why You Will Love Working With Us

Our clients love working with us because we are the owners and we get the result they want.

We are sure you will too.


Primary Sales Services


  • Market Appraisals - Based on Detailed Research
  • Marketing and Selling Established Homes
  • Marketing and Selling Established Apartments and Townhouses


  • Project Development Concept Appraisals
  • Marketing Campaigns and Sales Management for Off-the-Plan Apartments
  • Release Management and Sales of Vacant Land
  • Marketing and Selling Builders' Land and Construction Packages
  • Strategic Marketing and Sales Support for New Homes

Primary Property Management Services

  • Rent Appraisals and Yield Strategies
  • Qualifying and Placement of Tenants
  • Tailored Professional Marketing
  • Comprehensive Ongoing Property Management

Primary Consultancy Services

  • Multi-Unit Concept Evaluation
  • Project Concept Evaluation
  • Project and Multi-Unit Pricing Appraisals
  • Buyers Agent Assignments

We Offer Complimentary In-house

  • Borrowing Capacity Evaluation
  • Tailored Financing Strategy
  • Mortgage Brokerage
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Seniors Transition Services:
  • Options Analysis and Guidance
  • Co-ordinated Action Plans
  • Holistic Solutions